Epicurean Foods

Company History

Epicurean Foods has the distinction of being one of the premier specialty food distributors in Arizona. Current partners acquired the business from DPI Specialty Foods in 2006. However, the company had been a long-standing family (Taylor Brothers) food service distributor covering the state of Arizona since 1949. Over the years the company serviced, restaurants, resorts, retail, schools, prisons, candy logistics and yogurt shops. We have grown to become a respected specialty food distributor covering many of those same markets today.

Experienced Team
and Business Developments

At Epicurean Foods, our team of 75 members with significant food industry experience provides expertise in all areas of operations including sales, marketing, purchasing, warehousing, and delivery. We continue to explore avenues of opportunity for our team member’s development and growth.

We are investing substantially to renew our delivery fleet with the latest technology and fuel efficiencies. We have implemented numerous security software and hardware implementations to be compliant with the latest cyber-crime policies. That coupled with continued business software upgrades allows us to efficiently manage our sales, procurement, warehouse management and routing. We are continually striving to ensure on-time accurate deliveries for all customers.

Strong Partnerships

The partners have been involved in the Specialty Food Service business collectively for over 100 years. Chip Forster, President has fostered strong and rooted partnerships with local customers and suppliers. There has always been a genuine concern for the perpetual growth of our customers’ business.
We understand that striving to offer the best products and services at competitive prices is good for everyone. Further, by continuously strengthening our partnerships with the supplier community and with our customers, has resulted in our increased capabilities to help our customers develop opportunities and increase their profitability.

Management Team

Fred Charley

Chief Executive Officer

Chip Forster


Mark Dahm

Chief Financial Officer

David Walker

Director of Retail Sales

Tammie Rice

Director of Purchasing

Joe White

Director of Operations

Carrie Levi

National Accounts Manager

Gary Hilton

IT Manager

Sabrina Muela

Accounting/HR Specialist

Mary Jane Thom

Cheese Room Manager