About Us

Epicurean Foods has distinguished itself as one of the premier specialty food distributors in Arizona and Nevada. Over the past fifty years, our company has grown, becoming a significant food supplier, providing resorts, hotels, restaurants and grocery stores with the products and resources they need to operate successfully.

Epicurean has one overriding goal: to have the complete line of products to fill any chef’s gourmet pantry. Whether you’re looking for imported or domestic cheeses, oils, vinegars, smoked seafood or caviar we have the inventory to meet your passion for good food, including more than 3,000 imported and domestic products. We also offer important staples, such as canned goods and paper products. Whatever your request, we will make it happen.

Our current staff of 60 provides expertise in all areas of operations including sales, marketing, purchasing, warehousing and delivery. In addition, we are taking significant steps to strengthen service to our customers. We’re investing substantially to renew our delivery fleet and implement a new computer system that includes the most up-to-date equipment and routing technology. With these improvements, we can insure on-time accurate deliveries for all customers.

Our business relationships are rooted in partnership. We have a genuine concern for the perpetual growth of our customers’ business. We understand that striving to offer the best products and services at competitive prices is good for everyone. Further, by continuously strengthening our capabilities we help our customers build their own operations and increase their profitability.